Creative IT London provides professional Toshiba Satellite L850 laptop repair services to home and businesses across the United Kingdom. We keep pace with up-to-date technologies and our goal is to support our clients to utilise their notebook computers efficiently and effectively. We specialise in all forms of Toshiba Satellite laptop repair including upgrade, installation, part replacement and system maintenance support.

Toshiba Satellite L850 Laptop Repair

Be it anything from fixing a laptop keyboard or motherboard to total IT support, the Creative IT team has the expertise and resources to provide you with a complete London Toshiba Satellite L850 series laptop repair solution. Our component level repair technicians have the experience and skill to make a diagnosis quickly and work with various operating systems. We can repair all types of common laptop problems such as laptop display with coloured lines or blocks, laptop overheating and shutting down, one or more keys on keyboard not working, broken laptop display hinges and casing, laptop will not power up properly, laptop hard drive failure, laptop start up problems with blue screen, frequent software crashes, laptop battery not charging properly, no video / display on laptop, laptop rebooting continuously, laptop making unusual noises while booting, damage due to water or other liquid spillage, bad or defective laptop memory module, defective graphics processing unit (GPU), notebook slowdown issues, broken DC power jack, cracked or badly damaged laptop screen, laptop shuts down automatically, laptop not responding or sudden laptop freezing, Windows not booting up properly and laptop network related issues.

London Toshiba Satellite L850 and L850D Notebook Series Repair

Some of the London Toshiba Satellite L850 laptop repair services we offer are:

  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • Laptop RAM / memory upgrade
  • Laptop screen repair and replacement
  • Hard drive upgrade and replacement
  • Keyboard repair and replacement
  • DC power jack repair and replacement
  • Operating system installation and upgrade
  • Virus removal and prevention
  • LCD screen inverter and backlight replacement
  • Laptop hard drive data recovery

Toshiba Satellite L850 and L850D Notebook series Support and Troubleshooting  

L850-161 . L850-162 . L850-166 . L850-1D4 . L850-1D5 . L850-1EK . L850-1LK . L850D-12P . L850D-12Q

Pick up and Delivery, Walk in and Ship in Toshiba Satellite L850 and L850D Series Laptop Repair:

With same-day London Toshiba Satellite L850 laptop repair services, we will have your laptop computer fixed and running like new within quick turnaround time. A 90 day service warranty is assured with all our repair and replacement services. You can either drop off your laptop at our service store or ship it to our Central London store address.

Call us on 020 7237 6805 or email us at for all your London Toshiba Satellite L850 laptop repair requirements. You can also fill in our quick contact form to receive an instant repair quote.