Creative IT is a locally owned and operated laptop and notebook computer repair store in the United Kingdom, providing reliable London Toshiba Satellite C855 laptop repair services. We specialise in Toshiba laptop repair support, upgrade and maintenance solutions for businesses, home offices and individual users nationwide.

Toshiba Satellite C855 Laptop Repair

At Creative IT UK, we perform a wide array of Toshiba Satellite C855 series laptop repair services including software and hardware troubleshooting, repairs, part replacement services and computer optimisation services using a variety of advanced diagnostic and repair tools. We offer expert solutions for all types of laptop problems such as laptop overheating and unexpected shutdown issues, laptop won’t start, laptop turns on but no display on screen, screen is dark, laptop starts with a blue screen error, clicking or grinding noises from hard drive, laptop optical drive will not eject CD / DVD, motherboard failure, laptop running very slow, USB ports not working properly, defective or loose DC power jack, display or screen keeps flickering, bad memory module, broken laptop case, laptop freezing, loose or broken display hinges, sticky keys on keyboard, broken or cracked laptop screen, device driver compatibility issues, laptop battery not charging, notebook continuously rebooting, laptop won’t connect to a wireless network and liquid spillage laptop issues. As a leading laptop repair store in the United Kingdom, we carry genuine spare parts and accessories for all models of laptop computer of the Toshiba Satellite C855 series.

London Toshiba Satellite C855 Notebook Series Repair

Our common London Toshiba Satellite C855 laptop repair services include:

  • Laptop screen repair and replacement
  • Driver installation and updates
  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • Operating system re-installation and upgrade
  • USB ports repair and replacement
  • DC power jack repair and replacement
  • Keyboard repair and replacement
  • Hard drive data recovery service
  • LCD screen inverter and backlight replacement

Toshiba Satellite C855 Notebook series Support and Troubleshooting  

C855-10K . C855-10M . C855-10N . C855-10P . C855-10X . C855-10Z . C855-11F . C855-11G . C855-127 . C855-128 . C855-129 . C855-12C . C855-12D . C855-12E . C855-12F . C855-12G . C855-13F . C855-13T . C855-14R . C855-14T . C855-14U . C855-15Q . C855-16M . C855-17M . C855-17N . C855-17Q . C855-17R . C855-17X . C855-17Z . C855-18D . C855-18J . C855-18L . C855-18N . C855-18P . C855-18R . C855-18U . C855-18V . C855-18Z . C855-190 . C855-192 . C855-1GN . C855-1GP . C855-1GQ . C855-1GR . C855-1H8 . C855-1HK . C855-1HL . C855-1HM . C855-1J0 . C855-1J1 . C855-1J2 . C855-1M1 . C855-1MD . C855-1ME . C855-1RK . C855-1RL . C855-1RM . C855-1RN . C855-1RP . C855-1RT . C855-1RU . C855-1RV . C855-1RX . C855-1TC . C855-1TD . C855-1TE . C855-1TF . C855-1TV . C855-1VN . C855-1VT . C855-1W3 . C855-1W4 . C855-1W7 . C855-1W9 . C855-1WC . C855-1WM . C855-1WP . C855-1WQ . C855-1WR . C855-1WT . C855-1WU

Pick up and Delivery, Walk in and Ship in Toshiba Satellite C855 Series Laptop Repair:

Creative IT UK offers a flexible London Toshiba Satellite C855 laptop repair schedule, affordable rates and quick turnaround to get your system up and running in minimal downtime. We offer same day repair for almost all laptop problems, depending on parts availability. You may visit our Toshiba Satellite laptop repair store in London anytime during our business hours and get a quick solution while you wait. You can also ship your damaged laptop to our store through a convenient and secure shipping service.

Please contact us on 020 7237 6805 for quotes on our London Toshiba Satellite C855 laptop repair and maintenance services or any other support service queries. You can also forward your service request to us at