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HP Notebook RepairLet us know what your requirements are. Creative IT employs a team of competent laptop service engineers who are Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs), Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSEs) and A+ certified laptop technicians with years of experience to their credit in diverse computer-related fields. At Creative IT, we offer repairing services for laptop parts which include batteries, hard drives, AC adapters, keyboards, LCD displays, LCD inverters, DVD/CDRW combo drives, memory upgrades, floppy drives, USB cards, network interface cards, power cords, processors (CPUs), system boards, power supply and various other components.

Our Laptop Repair Services are of great demand in offices, hotels, institutions, hospitals, business organizations, homes and stores throughout London. If you need our service, just call us. Our in-house team of certified technicians can provide on-site/off-site Laptop Repair Services.

If you are located far away from London, you can ship your laptop to our diagnostic workstation with a brief description of the problem/fault you are facing. We will return the repaired laptop within a short duration of time.

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  • HP PC Backlight Repair
  • HP Circuit Board Repair
  • HP Cooling Fan Repair
  • HP PC CD ROM Repair
  • HP Data Recovery Service
  • HP PC Data Migration
  • HP PC Data Transfer
  • HP DC Power Jack Repair
  • HP PC DVD ROM Repair
  • HP PC Fix and Repair
  • HP PC Hard Drive Upgrade
  • HP PC Hard Disk Repair
  • HP Hard Disk Data Recovery
  • HP PC Keyboard Repair
  • HP PC Maintenance and Repair
  • HP PC Upgrade
  • HP LCD Screen Repair
  • HP PC Motherboard Repair
  • HP Offsite PC Repair
  • HP Onsite PC Repair
  • HP PC Password Removal
  • HP PC Repair and Upgrade
  • HP PC Screen Repair
  • HP PC Service Centre
  • HP Motherboard Replacement
  • HP PC Virus Removal