Dell XPS Laptop RepairCreative IT is a full-service Dell laptop repair centre located in Central London and serving customers in the UK for the past 15 years. Our aim is to deliver cost-effective Dell XPS laptop repair and upgrade services while ensuring exceptional quality. At Creative IT, our experienced technicians have good knowledge in troubleshooting and repair of Dell laptops and are committed to providing individual and business customers with the best services at highly competitive rates.

Our laptop service technicians are all set to help you with all your Dell XPS laptop repair needs. They will promptly diagnose your problem and offer you with a quote inclusive of all parts and labour. At Creative IT, we have the capability and expertise to troubleshoot and repair your entire laptop issues.

Our expert team of experienced Dell laptop repair engineers and technicians carries out an extensive range of troubleshooting and repair services to fix your out of order Dell XPS laptop at the earliest.

Our London Dell XPS Laptop Repair services include:

  • Dell XPS keyboard repair and replacement
  • Dell XPS backlight repair and replacement
  • Dell XPS LCD screen replacement
  • Dell XPS hard drive upgrade / replacement
  • Dell XPS memory (RAM) upgrade / replacement
  • Dell XPS motherboard repair and replacement
  • Dell XPS data recovery and data transfer
  • Dell XPS graphics card repair and upgrade
  • Removal of virus / adware / spyware
  • Dell XPS laptop liquid damage repair
  • Dell XPS CD/ DVD-ROM replacement

Same Day London Dell XPS Laptop Repair and Upgrade

We can troubleshoot and repair all models of Dell XPS laptop computers and we specialise in:

  • XPS 11 9P33
  • XPS 13 9365 2-in-1
  • XPS 15 9560
  • XPS M1330
  • XPS 12 9250
  • XPS 13 L321X
  • XPS 15 L501X
  • XPS M140
  • XPS 12 9Q23
  • XPS 13 L322X
  • XPS 15 L502X
  • XPS M1530
  • XPS 12 9Q33
  • XPS 14 L401X
  • XPS 15 L521X
  • XPS M170
  • XPS 13 9333
  • XPS 14 L421X
  • XPS 15Z L511Z
  • XPS M1710
  • XPS 13 9343
  • XPS 14Z L412Z
  • XPS 17 L701X
  • XPS M1730
  • XPS 13 9350
  • XPS 15 9530
  • XPS 17 L702X
  • XPS M2010
  • XPS 13 9360
  • XPS 15 9550
  • XPS M1210

We provide same day Dell XPS laptop repair services for London clients and next day or quick services to other UK customers. Customers who cannot bring their defective Dell XPS notebook to our repair centre can take advantage of our professional courier pick up services that we arrange.

Please do not be hesitant to contact us at 020 7237 6805 at any time between 09:00 and 18:00 hrs Monday through Saturday to get more information on our London Dell XPS laptop repair, replacement and upgrade services. We also answer to your queries send through