Creative IT is a full-service Dell laptop repair centre that specializes in providing Dell Latitude laptop repair at cost-effective rates. Headquartered in Central London in the UK, Creative IT provides exceptional services to students, residential users and business clients spread across the nation. We have been in the laptop and notebook computer repair scenario in excess of 15 years, and that’s why we provide assurance to get back your defective Dell Latitude laptop computers fixed at quick turnaround time and that too at reasonably priced rates.

Dell Latitude RepairWith a remarkable team consisting of expert hardware engineers and Dell Latitude repair technicians, we can troubleshoot and fix almost all problems that affect your Dell Latitude laptop – let it be hardware conflicts, freeze ups, slow performance, hard drive crashes, virus or spyware related issues, data loss, component level problems or booting issues. Upon receipt of your faulty laptop, we systematically review your laptop in order to determine the real problems and then advise you accordingly. We also provide replacement services to upgrade the performance of your laptop, with a complete line of Dell Latitude compatible components in our stock range.

Few to mention among many of our London Dell Latitude laptop repair services:

  • Dell Latitude motherboard repair and upgrade
  • Dell Latitude hard drive replacement and upgrade
  • Dell Latitude memory (RAM) replacement and upgrade
  • Dell Latitude processor upgrade and replacement
  • Dell Latitude virus / adware / spyware removal
  • Dell Latitude power supply repair and replacement
  • Dell Latitude operating system troubleshooting
  • Dell Latitude LCD screen replacement
  • Dell Latitude DC power jack repair and replacement
  • Dell Latitude LCD backlight repair and replacement
  • Dell Latitude keyboard repair and replacement

Same Day London Dell Latitude Repair and Upgrade

As part of London Dell Latitude repair services, we carry out specialized services to troubleshoot, repair and upgrade almost all models of the Latitude series and specialize in:

We mostly provide same day services to clients based in and around London, and next day or quick turnaround services to clients in the UK. You can also take advantage of our professional pick up services if you find difficulty in carrying your defective laptop to our Central London repair centre.

To get more information on our London Dell Latitude repair services, please feel free to contact us at anytime on 020 7237 6805 between 09:00 and 18:00 hrs from Monday through Saturday. We also without delay respond to your queries through

  • Dell Laptop Backlight Repair
  • Dell Circuit Board Repair
  • Dell Cooling Fan Repair
  • Dell Laptop CD ROM Repair
  • Dell Data Recovery Service
  • Dell Laptop Data Migration
  • Dell Laptop Data Transfer
  • Dell DC Power Jack Repair
  • Dell Laptop DVD ROM Repair
  • Dell Laptop Fix and Repair
  • Dell Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade
  • Dell Laptop Hard Disk Repair
  • Dell Hard Disk Data Recovery
  • Dell Laptop Keyboard Repair
  • Dell Laptop Maintenance and Repair
  • Dell Laptop Upgrade
  • Dell LCD Screen Repair
  • Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair
  • Dell Laptop Memory Upgrade
  • Dell Offsite Laptop Repair
  • Dell Onsite Laptop Repair
  • Dell Laptop Password Removal
  • Dell Laptop Repair and Upgrade
  • Dell Laptop Screen Repair
  • Dell Laptop Service Centre
  • Dell Motherboard Replacement
  • Dell Laptop Virus Removal