Are you looking for a reliable Computer Hardware Repair service provider in London? Then, Creative IT is the right choice and provides a one-stop shop for all your computer hardware problems. Engaged in IT related business support and services, we offer a comprehensive range of computer hardware repair services for all makes and models of computer brands such as IBM, Compaq, Dell, Apple, Asus, Packard Bell, HP and many more.

Computer Hardware RepairWe at Creative IT, service and repair most of the input and output devices and other hardware components such as central processing unit (CPU), motherboard, monitor, data storage devices, video display terminals (VDT), printer, keyboard, scanner, CD ROM/CDR or DVD drive, RAM, handheld devices, network products and power supply. For replacement, we stock a wide selection of computer hardware components of various models.

Our London Computer Hardware Repair services are mainly carried out onsite. If onsite repair service is not possible, we offer services at our state-of-the-art diagnostic workstation in Central London. We diagnose, troubleshoot, validate, repair, and provide maintenance to all computers. We are experts in high-speed Internet connection setup and can quickly resolve DSL/Cable Modem connectivity and sharing issues. We are also experienced in promptly establishing a peer-to-peer network with file and printer sharing at affordable rates.

We have a team of A+ certified technicians and engineers who are experts at repairing and replacing damaged computer hardware in a timely and professional manner. With their wealth of knowledge and expertise in computer hardware repair and maintenance, installations and upgrades of various operating systems, networking, and other technical matters, they can easily diagnose and fix any problem with your computer hardware.

Having the right tools and hardware equipments makes our repair process much easier to detect all of the system hardware failures. In addition, they can also give some useful hardware and software upkeep and upgrade advice so that you can keep your computer hardware components in perfect working condition. We also have genuine hardware in stock to upgrade your existing computers. We are capable of providing each home user or individual company or business unit with a completely unique Computer Hardware Repair solution.

If you have any specific queries regarding our computer hardware repair service, then do not hesitate to contact Creative IT at 020 7237 6805. You can also E-mail us at Our friendly customer support staff is available anytime at our IT support desk to answer all your queries on Computer Hardware Repair in London.