Compaq Presario SR 2100 Repair UK

Is your Compaq Presario SR2100 PC in need of repair? Failing to boot properly? Creative IT can fix it right away. Creative IT a professional nationwide PC and laptop service center in London – provides repair service for many types of computers and IT equipments. Providing repair solutions for Compaq Presario SR 2100 is one among the specialty areas we focus on. Our Compaq Presario SR 2100 repair services meet the requirements of businesses and home users alike.

Compaq Presario SR 2100 Repair UKThe Compaq Presario SR2100 desktop PC is designed for performance and efficiency, and offers cutting-edge processors, high-capacity hard drives and advanced graphics. Being a recognized service provider in this field, we provide repairs and upgrades to all models of Compaq Presario SR 2100 desktop PC which include Compaq Presario 2109 desktop pc, Compaq Presario 2119 desktop pc, Compaq Presario 2125 desktop pc, Compaq Presario 2129 desktop pc and Compaq Presario 2149 desktop pc.

As part of our London Compaq Presario SR 2100 desktop PC repair, we offer services such as virus/spyware removal, screen / monitor repair, memory upgrades, password removals, data recovery, keyboard repair and replacement, and software and operating reloading and installations to name a few. Apart from these, we can suggest smart solutions for the problems affecting your Compaq Presario SR 2100 system’s inverter, DC power jack, floppy drive, motherboard, optical drives, power adapters, cables, external drives, circuit boards, networking/modems, and hard drives.

We do our work on-site and at our facility in Central London. In order to provide our Compaq PC repair services in a timely and efficient manner, we have with us a team of expert technicians and troubleshooting specialists, who are skilled in identifying any underlying problem that your Compaq Presario SR 2100 PC may encounter.

To get to know us better, check out our website For more details, regarding our Compaq Presario SR 2100 repair, desktop PC repair, laptop repair and Apple Mac repair contact us today at 020 7237 6805 or send us an e-mail at Our efficient IT support desk is available to assist you through phone.