Do you have a failed, broken or loose DC power jack on your Advent laptop computer? Creative IT provides same day
Advent laptop DC power jack repair and replacement services. We can also install a new DC power jack in your defective Advent laptop if needed. A bad connection between the DC power jack and the motherboard is a very frequent problem with notebook computers. Recurring failures can occur to the DC power jack of a laptop in its lifetime. You can definitely depend on Creative IT, based in London for expert Advent DC power jack repair and replacement services at affordable rates for Verona, Modena, Quantum, Roma, Eclipse, Sienna and Milano laptop models.

Advent DC Power Jack RepairCreative IT, being a foremost
Advent laptop repair facility in London, has a team of trained and experienced technicians who have access to state-of-the-art techniques and tools and have specialist knowledge of troubleshooting and fixing component level motherboard problems.

Same Day Advent Laptop DC Power Jack Repair and Replacement

Broken or loosen DC power jack, burning smell from the DC power jack area, defective power socket, sparking motherboard, or weakening of solder links to the motherboard causes Advent DC power jack problems. Just call our professionals if you experience any problem with your Advent laptop DC power connectors. To a certain extent fixing your faulty DC jack will solve the problem, but our dedicated technicians always will advice customers if they need to replace the defective DC power jack.

You can either individually drop your laptop or you can mail the laptop to our Central London address and we will fix it the same day and deliver it back to you. We guarantee the quality of our Advent laptop DC power jack repair and replacement services by a 90 days back to base warranty.

If your Advent laptop DC power jack is damaged, broken or loose, call us and one of our technicians will help you decide the most cost effective way to fix your Advent laptop. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality Advent laptop DC power jack repair and replacement services at affordable prices. Please do contact us at 020 7237 6805 or send us an email at for more details.